Sabor Del Sol is a fully licenced
and insured catering company.

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Sabor Del Sol 

Spanish / Caribbean Street Food  

By now everyone has noticed that we have not been doing the markets this year, and I wanted to make it official - Sabor Del Sol has, for the time being hung up it's pans and closed up shop. We might be back in the future, but for a variety of reasons decided not to cook this summer. 

Thanks to everyone who joined us in the past summers!


Sabor Del Sol  offers a unique and truly delicious alternative to traditional event and location food vendors. Specializing in Spanish & Caribbean cuisine cooked on location, Sabor Del Sol provides bountiful paellas, mouth watering pollo con mojo criollo grilled over lump charcoal, Puerto Rican lechon asado, and an unending array of traditional Spanish and Caribbean inspired grilled tapas. 


We believe that our combination of fresh, seasonal ingredients, culinary expertise and passion we put into food we make results in flavors that are wonderful and unique and we invite you to try!

Sabor Del Sol also offers customized full or partial menu & event catering for select events. For more information click here.